July 17 Update

July 16, 2017

Greetings from Uganda!
Ovulama bulybutiya? How’s life? It’s cool to learn phrases that I used to say back in the States in other languages so I can still use them. Anyway, life is cool here! We are entering the dry season, but that makes crossing the Lake nicer. Also we are starting some big projects around the farm, potentially a building or two and fixing the dock and beach. So you can be praying for that. Home improvements are sooo much fun, this past week Caleb and Anthony stayed back everyday and worked, while we crossed over to help at the church. It was so much fun to see the progress when I came back each day, they really cranked out some good work!
Over on the other side at church, I got the opportunity to go to outreaches on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday we went to a local school and I taught Bible, the story of Mary and Martha, to 10-12 year olds. Wednesday i got to go to a weekly Bible Study the church has at the police office. They work 7 days a week, so they allow the church to come and share the Scripture with them on Wednesday, because they can’t make it to church very often. They also bring out anyone in the jail that week and make them listen as well. Totally awesome opportunities I wish we had in the states!
Thursday I did miscellaneous things around home small carpentry jobs and planning bigger projects to come, while others went to do school ourtreaches on our side of the lake in Nangombe.
Friday and Saturday were back in Entebbe, doing whatever thy hand findeth to do, and now I his morning I teach Sunday school with Christian in Nangombe.
So that’s a blow by blow rundown of my week.
Highlights last week are a visa trip to Kenya (drive for 16 hours over night on a bus, stay there for 24 hours and repeat the process), but everyone got back through the border okay and can stay the rest of the time here now! We also celebrated 4th of July on are island with a bunch of our friends from church. None of them had ever celebrated it before so we gave them the real American experience!
Anyway, please keep praying for our teams unity and dedication as we only have 11 weeks left in Uganda. May we leave it all here! Thank you so much for still showing interest and reading these posts. The next one might be a little while because I am going on a tech fast, ( mainly because it’s so easy to do here Uganda).

Trip to the Village

June 26
It is hard to believe half my time here is almost gone! Not much has happened since my last post until this past weekend. We went to a village called Palisa in Northern Uganda that was an over an hours drive on a dirt road. We had fun with the kids, taught them a Bible stories, fed them, went rock climbing etc…
the kids were sooo excited to see us. They mobbed the car and were hugging and touching us. They see very very few white people there. It was awesome to be able to give them snacks and several meals, because they are literally starving having just been through a drought. I got to see real Africa you might say. They were living in mud houses fetching water from a community well and walking everywhere.
Several beg piles of rocks were near the village and we went and climbed it with all the local children guiding us. We got repel up a rock face at one point that was a awesome experience. Then at the top looking over the vast plains of northern Uganda was amazing! One of the best things I have ever seen.
Pastor Peter absolutely loved having us there! He is such an awesome man, he ev n offered me land to build a house and live there! What a great idea!… also what a rough rough life. That would something God would really really really hav to call me too. However I hope one day I can visit him again.
On the way back we stopped in Jinga and saw the historic Source of the Nile! That was dry cool especially for a guy like me that loves history.
I need to go now, but thanks again for listening to my update from Uganda!

Halfway home

Hey All

Just a quick update from Uganda! Nothing to complain about here, though my flesh keeps finding things. (I’ll have to work on that one) anyway life is slow right now. We start teaching schools in the next few weeks as they come back from break. (Their schools run three different semesters with a month or so break between each semester.) also, a team from Potters Field is coming next week so that’s really exciting.

As far as my team goes we are settled in! As I right this Michelle is making some awesome supper, consisting of what, I don’t know but she has been on a roll recently so I’m sure it’s good.
Some of the guys are working out, well they were when I started now they are in the shower, singing ‘Hallelujah’ haha it’s been a good day at Saturday’s kids club in Entebbe and we all are in good moods. Already making plans for Thursday kids club in Nangombe! I have started writing the lesson for it tonight. We will be telling the story of Noah in first person. For those of you remembering my part as Jethro the shepherd a few Christmas’s ago, I will be attempting to build of that as I go into character for Noah! Anyway back to what everyone is doing, Joshua is on his way back from Entebbe just now and the girls are doing some crazy dance in the kitchen trying to keep the kid awake until his dad gets home. Lest, you think this is the golden family, we have in the recent past had to have a few team meetings to clear up tense issues among us, but clearly they are being resolved. I also hate to break it to you but I usually only write when I’m in a good mood. That is why you all probably think I am living in paradise.

Anyway life is good here, feel free to email me at 22ndw52@gmail.com to tell me all about how great your life is. Thanks for reading and praying, especially next Thursday when I’m teaching, while Pastor Mike and his team are here and watching!

Hey all this is after the weekend and it was a great weekend. Really challenged me to see God and praise Him more than anything! It was also full of great food and swimming pools, etc. hate to see the team go back home but in a way I’m happy to be going back to routine! 5 months once I left home, 5 months until I return!!!

This week was an awesome week at the teen camp we were helping at. It was at a beautiful school on the shores of Lake Victoria. I got a chance to see the African sky like never before and let me tell you it is Unbelievable. The view of the sunrise in the background as we had morning devotions and the view of sunset and the moon in the evening were something I want to see every day of my life. Suffice it to say you have to see the African sun to believe its beauty.

If you caught that one sentence about sunrise though you will begin to grasp why we are doing absolutely nothing on this Friday afternoon. We got up at 5:00 sharp every morning by someone tearing around with a bell. Then we met in a big sleepy circle and exercised for forty five minutes then at 6 morning devotions started. The actual sun ball didn’t peek over the horizon until 7:15 or so. It was great to get up that early and see God paint the sky, but these were kids we were with and we never were in bed (hammock for me) until after 11 and always woke up once or twice in the night because of the rain (thankfully I not out in the open so I didn’t get wet, but it certainly was windy and chilly a couple times).

You might as well forget sleeping during the day, for us the days were full. We sat in on all session keeping kids awake, etc and helped with sports in the afternoon. Supper was over about eight then there was always a movie or evening program to go too. The Lord gives strength though and I was able to fly through those days energy wise, but today I crash.
I made new friends and became closer to guys I had already met. Some were from tough backgrounds, others had questions upon questions about the Bible, and still others were just really cool to hang out with. For instance, the kid named Bill Clinton, I am not kidding; Bill Clinton is a good volleyball player too that’s how I ran into him.

Anyway it was a great week and the Lord has definitely been working despite my teams struggles at times. That is the coolest thing of all to see, how God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and bring Him glory.
Nolan D Weaver

Hello everyone!
I have not been making time in my schedule to sit down and type an essay so I guess I better do it now. We took the first three weeks settling in and learning some of what we will be doing. I am beginning to learn that there is no set schedule in ministry. You just do whatever needs done next and have few expectations. For instance now we are ready to work, but this coming week is a youth camp the church hosts. So we will be gone all week, after that we spend a week painting the sanctuary of the church. So everything is constantly changing when it comes to schedules.

Every morning I wake up to the birds chirping as my alarm clock ( we almost never have to be up before 7) or the early morning rain wakes me up. Either one is pretty cool to wake up too! Then I go take an ice cold shower, eat breakfast at eight and start my day. All this while looking out over Lake Victoria. We are literally on the shore, but the bugs are definitely over-hyped, except ants they find your food one under a minute sometimes. I don’t thank my Lord nearly enough for sending me here!

Life ain’t always peachy though, the tears do get shed for good and bad. When you are seeing the poverty and pain, though I admit mostly I see joy and beauty as God helps these people. When we went to an island and saw a pastor over joyed by his new dorm for His orphanage despite horrible living conditions my “American ” eyes saw. Then playing with a little boy fr over an hour before I noticed he had no toes on his right foot, he was not a victim, he saw himself as the happiest boy in the world.

We are splitting our time between helping with the small church and farm on our side of the island and the bigger church and school in Entebbe. Pastor Deus (I think that’s how you spell it) and his church on our side is only a handful of people and half are kids, plus it’s all in luganda, but it is so cool I would rather spend every Sunday there. Plus we get to sleep in later because we don’t have to cross the lake to Entebbe.

Thank you all for all your prayers, please let them continue as this team of mine is paving the way for so many teams to come as we live on the farm across the lake. It is an amazing opportunity that we are laying the groundwork on for so many young interns to get to enjoy. I never stayed in Entebbe like former teams but those that have done both say there is no comparison. The farm is way better, if done right and handled properly.

Thanks again

Oly oteya

For those of you who don’t know that is the greeting in luaganda.  It is asking ‘how are you?’ And you reply gendie which means good.

we got here last Wednesday night and spent the first two nights in entebbe.  Now we are working on finishing the house that we will live in and many teams to come Lord Willing.  It has benn slow and sometimes really boring because Africa is not the fast pace life I am used to.

The place we are living in is beautiful I loved I it the moment I saw it.  Cool breeze off the lake, beautiful view of stars sunrise and all of Gods creation.  It’s like I wake up every morning in a dream, the cold shower snaps me back to reality… in the next day or two we willf finish our settling in and get down to business.

Thank you all for the great time back home and I will keep you all updated, but right now I have type this on my phone and it is very tedious.  Living with minimal electricity and wifi has been most exciting, it sounds brutal but it is a cool challenge.

tunalagana!  (See you later)


Training is Winding Down

March 21, 2017

I need to put a disclaimer on this one, Wifi this month has been really sketch and I have only been able to make phone calls a few times.  It is still better then the Wifi I will be having in Uganda though, just a heads up.  At any rate, this is the last blog post I will be writing in my training time, as I am flying home before too long.  I am really grateful for the emails that I have been able to read over the past little while even though I may not have answered them all and may have procrastinated on some, then not been able to answer them.

Anywho the last month here is going way too fast, it has basically been discussion classes the last two weeks, medical clinics, and other things that have become pretty normal.  A girl who had gone to Uganda in her field time was down here helping our team learn culture and learn the language, etc…  that got our entire team really really excited for Uganda.  We also have been able to research the culture on our own time.  It is going to be so awesome!!!  our home is still not finished, but that just means that maybe we can help build it and learn how to do construction work 3rd world style!! All this has been building our teams unity tremendously, with all the team projects, preparing us to get along in Africa together.

I personally have been totally looking forward to the time home and 9 days already seems way too short, but I know it is a good thing that I don’t have too long to readjust before I go again.  This will be just enough time to say high and bye and take off again.  Speaking of which the Lord provided me with a teammate to fly from Philly airport all the way to Entebbe, Uganda, which was a major prayer answered since it is a day and a half of travel.

So I will be most likely too busy to write next week, especially since I will be seeing you all so soon again.  So thank You to all who read about my field time and stay tuned to read about Uganda come mid-April, if you are interested in doing so.  Thanks again you all and Adios Amigos.  See you in April, Lord Willing.

P.S. another thing that has been keeping me busy is the fact that the washers are broke and we get to wash by hand now.  Which is where I am going right now so see you all later!

March Already

Blog post 7

So I have been slacking a little on this whole blogging thing, but it ain’t all been my fault, we have slightly sketchy internet recently so I couldn’t have posted anyway.  Anyway, because I have two weeks of updating to do I am going to divide and conquer.  First, I will tell you about outreaches, second classes, and third team Uganda.  Keep in mind this update covers from Monday, February 27 to Saturday, March 11.

Last Saturday, we were going to go down to the coast to a place called Esquintla (I think thats how you spell it anyway.)  it is a dump, literally that is being restored and fixed up, by a organization led by a former member of habitat for humanity.  We will be going back later this month.  At any rate, we got up early and left planning on being gone for the day, but the Lord had other plans.  20 min away from the center the van started to give us problems and we were forced to pull over for and wait for someone to come get us.  Since the van was the only vehicle large enough to take us all we could not go.  Therefore we came back and relaxed for the rest of the day, did some shopping in town, etc.  (we even went to the pocca which is 2nd hand clothing, yes I shopped for 2nd hand clothing in a 3rd world country).  At any rate, that was the epic fail of our outreaches so far.  This week however, we made bread and beans to hand out with scripture verses and church invites to people at bus stops.  It really wasn’t that like spiritually moving outreaches, because everyone was in a hurry to get to work, school etc.  But nevertheless seeds were planted.

Classes have been really good last week Pastor Don McClure came down to teach Monday through Wednesday.  He taught on the Life of Nehemiah and was absolutely excellent.  I got all kinds of notes off that.  This week Pastor Bill Goodrich (Indiana) and Pastor Steve Miller (Montana) taught on the book of James and a little on Prayer that was so very powerful.  It all has been really great teaching, not necessarily something I can put on paper in a overview blog post but believe me it is great!

Team Uganda is the one that has been totally cool.  We have had some team assignments this week that have been very unifying/stretching for us.  Also, Anna from class 7 who went to Uganda for her field time has been showing us all what Uganda looks like.  It is really sick, (Grant your are still a legend there from apparently.) they are building us a new bungalow, they have a new playground, all kinds of projects for us guys to work on.  The kids are so very cool, I can’t wait to get to go see them.

Anyway it has all been great and I now have ONLY three weeks left before I come home.  How time fly’s really, really fly’s.  Can’t wait to see you all!!!

One prayer request would be unity for Team Uganda as we are beginning to work together I have to learn how to work with a team in all things, it is tough for me and God keeps showing me my independence.

The Outreach Week/Ephesians 3:20

Blog Post 6 (No really! I am still alive)

So Last time I wrote we had just been sick and it was in the midst of a crazy week of not really going by the schedule, because multiple people were missing classes everyday.  I can’t remember much of that week (that would be the week before last because of when I am posting this.)  It really was a good week though with Pastor Jim and Donathon teaching, plus the Lord really used them.

This week on Tuesday, we went on a three hour van ride to Xela, but it became a nearly 10 hour trip after a protest blocked the road for six hours and the van overheated in the mountains.  Anyway we got to have a Bible Study in the middle of the highway in Guatamala, something I never thought I would do.  (I have had a lot of those moments the year honestly.)  So the week was so busy it would be impossible to give a blow by blow.  We were on the move from getting up at six to going to bed at 10 every day and most of it was totally out of our comfort zones as young Christians, which pushed us to rely on God for strength more than ever!

We did street evangelism, inviting people to church, to youth outreach, sharing the Gospel with them.  This was the most stretching for me , but I found it much easier when I was pushed in as a leader of a group and told Go.  We also went to a hospital and a rehab center and got to share and pray for people at those places.  I met a man who had actually lived for 27 in the United States owning Mexican restaruants.  He was deported after his wife divorced him and she got custody of the children.  His one goal in life was to see his kids in Little Rock, AK.  Anyway that was one of several great conversations our group had this week and we got the opportunity to pray to many people.  Other things we did were street mimes and testamonies, with someone sharing the gospel.  It was very stretching time for me personally, but Joshua 1:5 God is with us as He is with Moses and Ephesians 3:20 he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything hoped for or imagined.

We are heading home now Sunday afternoon the 26th as a I write this.  Lord willing we will be home in three hours, but we now know that is no guarentee.  Highly anticipating returning home (sorry guys but I have started calling Antigua home, kinda wierd, but true.)  Pastor Mike will be down this week and just so very excited to be starting week 8 out of 12.  Saying that scares me the days are literally flying by.  I will be flying home tomorrow it seems.

So anyway that was my crazy week, so much more I could say, but you had to be there for it all.

HOWEVER, the Lord gave me one more thing that I must share with you.  It happened tonight (Sunday night) after we got home from the trip.  Just saying Family is AMAZING, because I opened the door of us guys room and one of the beds had all kinds of stuff on it.  After a minuet or two of unpacking I realized that this particular bed was Mine?!  So I went over to investigate and turns out both my sister and parents had stuff delivered to me including wonderful homemade snack mix and a letter from home.  It was absolutely fantastic, but somehow this was the make Nolan tear up night.  There were two other big bags that I thought were included, but I came to read the letter and discovered they were from Mindy my sister!  Apparently there was a wedding down here somewhere and my sister didn’t just have them delivered, but she flew down with her friends and hand delivered them.  Blowing My Mind!!!! My sister was here and I Wasn’t!  I know God has his reasons, but honestly I still wish I could have talked to her.  Sorry again Mindy, but the Lord works things together and this week was so worth it to be in Xela (shelah).  I was so excited to hear that you were able to come to church and walk around the property.  It was so exciting for me to hear you were here and just cant wait for April!!  So I just had to throw that story in and now I must go, but Thank You Thank You Thank You to all that were involved in bringing the stuff down and Thank You God for your planning.  (despite the fact I’m really bummed right now, as you said Mindy the Lord must have his reasons.)  For anyone else thanks for being interested enough to read the extra page!!!

The Hardships

Week 5 shook our team hard, but we are now stronger together then we were before.  Entering the week strong, we took it on like every other week excited for all that God had for us to learn.  We plowed through Acts 9-13 on Monday through Thursday, with other misc class such as Media, Spanish, servant time, etc scattered throughout the rest of the day.  Kids Club Wednesday was awesome I was able to get some of the little boys to get more involved in it and we also played a futbol (ok, soccer) game with the boys.  It was staff guys vs boys, I think we lost, but I also think it was something like 7 on 25 so maybe we had a good excuse :).

Thursday afternoon, God showed himself truly faithful, as He was strong in our weakness.  We went to the hospital again and several of us guys were pretty nervous about it all.  When we got there though we just started doing what we were told.  By the end of the two hours, we were racing having wheel chair races and helping one of the guys throw a ball around.  It turned out to be an absolute party and I now want to go back again (otra vez!)

All that seems so far in the past now though, Thursday night we were all called into a meeting and one of the girls from our team announced she was leaving in the morning to return home.  It was quite, you literally could have heard the smallest of pins drop in that room.  She had had her struggles but all in all I personally felt she was one of the strongest of the girls in our group.  As it turns out she was having problems with the leadership of PFM and felt drawn back to a relationship back home.  It was painful to see her leave, some people were sad, some were angry, all felt betrayed.  She had committed to the year, she had been assigned a field location, and already started to bond with her field team.  Beyond that it was how she left that was hard.  Nobody knew anything until the night before.  She made all the arrangements plane ticket and everything and then informed our leaders here and then informed us at the last minuet.

Friday night after she had left, God kind of just gathered us as a class without any instigation on the leaders part.  We spent whiling unpacking the whole situation and by the end we decided we wanted to close with a song.  Literally on que our worship leader walked in the room, having no idea what was going on.  (Thanks God)  We closed out the night singing several verses of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands!”  Hey don’t judge it’s a great song guys!  Clearly he has class 12 in His hands too for what He has done for us this week.

Up coming stuff is real exciting, tonight we have another outreach on the street and I am going to be a part of another mime, along with the message and some cardboard testimonies.  It should be pretty cool, if the audio speaker doesn’t run out of charge again.